Become a software engineer in 2022-23 with motivation

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Hi, Everyone

We will discuss being a software engineer whose skills and qualifications are required to become a successful software engineer.

First, You would need a lot of motivation, consistency and self stream before diving into the coding world. And second, strictly follow the plan.

  • Learn Code (start from a simple and easy language like javascript or python)
  • Create own project
  • Apply for internships
  • Learn advanced concepts and programming languages
  • Apply for Jobs
  • Further Opportunities


Learning programming is quite tedious for some people. We can make it fascinating by following the few steps:

  • During learning, make notes and do practice consistently.
  • Try to manipulate the Code see the effects.
  • Join the local/online community
  • Keep in mind your goals.
  • Celebrate your success e.g. when you create your very first website.


In the programming world three significant routes to dive in.

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Game Development

Firstly, set your goal by taking one route at one time that you want to learn. I would recommend web design and development. It’s easy to start, and you can find experienced online communities that can help you a lot when you are stuck in your program. e.g. If you are still interested in other routes below, I will also share mobile and game development roadmaps.

But make sure after exploring the other routes choose only one at once; otherwise, you couldn’t succeed. So don’t rush and try to learn simultaneously two or three courses. If you select web development, stick with it unless you achieve it.

Learning period: Basic to intermediate level a single route will take nine months to 15 months on avg speed of studies. But if you give more time to learn, keep doing a lot of practice and create small projects, the route can complete it in 6 months to 9 months.

We need to find straightforward and distinct learning resources that are not time-consuming and easy to understand. I would recommend mine list that I used to learn ?.

Using those resources, you start your journey with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build and design the website. Then, when you have some experience and understand the concept, move to create your projects. e.g. design the website for your electrician uncle or plumber uncle.

After designing the website using HTML/CSS now need hand dirty with javascript. You can clear basic javascript concepts from but if you want to move your level up by completing 30 days challenges. Here is the website that will create a big change in your programming if javascript is your first learning language.

Make sure you consistently follow your plans and keep in mind the goals that motivate you. Before starting your class or practice,

  • Avoid all online and physical distractions, e.g. social media and close all other tabs of your web browsers.
  • Take short breaks.
  • Drink a lot of coffee to stay active and focused.

Skills and Road map

Further, if you are interested in looking at the opportunities you need to explore more to grow your career. For example, below, you can see the details of front-end development, which means web designing road map, and backend, which means a web development road map and also android & game development roadmap that will help you know more about the things. Add this post to your bookmark in future I will resources and projects that help to complete that roadmap.

Front End Development Road Map

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Backend Web Development

Backend web development roadmap

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Mobile Development

Andriod Development Road Map.

Road Map - Andriod Developer

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Game Development



if you follow the road map with consistency and a fully focused mind you can easily secure your job in the tech industry.

I hope you like this post. In future, I will update this post to add projects for resume, Free and paid resource that helps to complete the road map. so add this to your bookmark.

Any suggestion comments section is waiting you <3

Thank You!


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