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Having a strategy in place encourage brands too for the plan for the future and design campaign for the longer-term Instead of a soloed independent campaign. The strategy also put social media into context with the border marketing strategy and a dedicated budget.

  1. Begin with a foundation.

    Before a strategy can be planned, clearly define the goal to achieve it. For Example, specify what you want to achieve more clicks to a website, shares, white paper downloads, products sales, and so on. Use competitor and market leader are references.

  2. Define and understand your target audience.

    You need to know who your target audience is, which social media they use, and how they use them. Research the topic and interests that the target audience would be most interested in on social platforms, and what problems are might want to solve them. With new social platforms launching, existing ones becoming less popular and audience demographic changing, this step must be ongoing.

  3. Build and execute the social media plan.

    Based on the foundation and target audience, the next target is to build the social strategy by including the following:

    • Measurable objectives and the social media channel to be used.
    • Metrics, key performance indicator, and tools to be used to measure success.
    • A content strategy of engaging topics, gaming, content, incentives, and so on of genuine interest to the target audience.
    • Governance of the brand’s identity or personality to keep message and content consisted and relevant. Governance is necessary to protect the brand image as social media activity evolves.
    • Budgeted and dedicated resources to engage with followers either through internal staff or through dedicated agencies.
  4. Track, measure, adapt.

    Track social channel and measure activity and their impact. Access these data regularly against objective and adapt your strategy and tactics as necessary. Media Strategy Plan

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