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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO techniques 2019 |  SEO Tuts

It is likely to use black hat SEO tactic to cheat the search engine into a thoughtful a website has higher-quality content than it has. With a stronger detection system now in place, websites that use these tactics will be rigorously relegated in the search engines ranking system. Many types of black hat SEO techniques.

Before Diving in You should learn about SEO

Rank Your Website By SEO Tuts | On Page Off Page Tips

  • Link Spamming

    Generating back-link for SEO and which do not add words or letters to the user. E.g., add a link to a page in the comment segment of an unrelated blog post. Building sites called link farms solely for the purpose of linking back to the promotes site.

  • SEO Keyword tricks

    Embedding several high-value keywords on pages with unrelated content to drive up traffic. For case, an e-commerce website might implant words like “Amazon” in an attempt to get a listed on SERPs of people looking for amazon.com

  • Ghost Text

    Adding text on a page that will affect page ranking. The text may not have anything to do with the real content of the page. And it may merely repeat some words to increase your content density. Use the same color on background and text  that the text is hidden

  • Shadow pages, Ghost pages, or Cloaked Pages

    Generating customized pages to attract many people. However, the page keeps the command or redirects, so that the user can be sent to another page to increase traffic to that site/web page.

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