Chrome Developer Extension You should install

Chrome extension that using Web designer & Web Developer
Chrome extension that using Web designer & Web Developer
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In web-development developers have a lot of work. During the code, some basic things take to much time like get the exact size of the component or browsing the internet you want to check the font that the website is using.

I make shortlist of chrome developer extensions that enhance your productivity

Chrome MySQL Admin

It provides the GUI of the MYSQL Server looks like the PHPMyAdmin. but they have some extra features like Draw ER-Diagram automatically. After creating the database you can create the Digrams it can do automatically perform just on one click. You can also create, update, delete the databases and display the statistics and process list of your connected server (refresh automatically).

Visit Link: Chrome MySQL Admin

Web Developer

The extension adds a toolbar in your browser with multiple tools. You can manipulate the Javascript, CSS, forms, Images. How look when remove all CSS files or get the all CSS code on the single click of any webpage. You can draw the outlines to the block-level elements. You can also Validate the HTML, CSS, Accessibility, etc. I think you must try to explore the amazing features for beginners and intermediate developers.

Visit Link: Web Developer

Lorem Ipsum Generator

It provides a smart and fast way to generate demy text. You can customize the setting and get the demy text for your using purpose. Each sentence is different from another. It generates the default text for your project.


It shows the JSON parsing data in an organized form. If the working on JSON API’s fastly configures the results in proper formate.

Visit Link: JSONView


You can easily check the font used on the webpage. It also shows the details about the font-family, font-size that are using. It’s easy to use just click the extension and another click there you want to get the font details.

Visit Link: WhatFont

Page Ruler

Get the dimensions of the element by measure through the ruler. Draw a ruler to get the width height and position of the elements, components. You can enable the guideline to show the extended ruler edges. We can also get the positions, outlines, by hovering the mouse over the component by enabling the Element Mode.

Visit Link: Page Ruler


Wappalyer is one of the best utility to identify the technologies using the webpage. After loading the webpage click on the extension it shows technologies that are using on it. It detects the following technologies content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools and many more.

Visit Link: Wappalyzer

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