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Nowadays, web design is one of the most leading professions on the internet. Almost everyone wants to build a web design business, but to make this successful and stainable. This industry requires to carry the self steam, consistency, objectives, goals and much more. Therefore, it would be best to be fully interested and enthusiastic to succeed in every business situation. Otherwise, it can’t survive long.

Firstly we need to prepare the mind what we can do. I listen to many stories “I want to become a software engineer, game developer or an app developer”. When that guy landed on the practice field, they didn’t like to spend time in front of the screen and felt dull. To share that experience doesn’t mean to demotivate yourself. The only purpose is “Think before taking action” if you take it must be unstoppable.

Would you please do some research on what I’m sharing with you from my little knowledge? It would be helpful to make an efficient plan and mind of your journey.

If you are enthusiastically interested in building a web design business, then maybe you have been searching “Best HTML CSS courses “like that farse you hitting on Google. HTML is the structure language to create a website/web page; just like in construction, we build the structure of the building on the land, then we decorate it using paint, tiles, wood etc. Same as in the website, we use CSS to decorate or to style the web page. It’s doesn’t mean if you know HTML CSS, you can build a creative and workable website unless you are so creative.

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XD Design

Before starting the code, we should know what we are going to do. we need to draw our imaginary website on the screen using XD design. In that way, we will practically understand what we have to create and also, it would be beneficial to satisfy the clients; when the client is happy with the design, further work will start. So using the XD DESIGN, we draw the design, prototype and animation wireframe etc.


Traditionally web designers use photoshop for wireframing and prototypes. But now the market is going to shited to new tools. Figma and Adobe XD design is a most leading application. It’s doesn’t mean the web designers stopped using photoshop for the project. Sometimes they used to resize and edit the images for the website. So it would be great if you also can consider it on your list.


HTML CSS is the core to building a website. It’s the essential basics for website designing that you should be entirely focused on learning everything related to it. HTML CSS because you never know what idea you will be working on in your future projects. So don’t miss any topic. I’m sharing with you the most popular website, Follow the w3schools topic step by step to learn HTML CSS.


Javascript(JS) plays a cruel role to build functionality on the website. For instance, create the checkout page. Using JS to calculate the price, product quantity, add the shipping cost to the total bill, review components, etc. So being a web designer should know JavaScript. The same website I’ll be recommending,, provides the best JavaScript step by step tutorials.


jQuery is the library of JavaScript. It’s easy to use, write less do more because of JavaScript enhancement jQuery usage going down. But it’s still in the market. So I’ll recommend you to learn. Because sometimes, we need to see the old code for the new development. So to learn jquery, visit


Bootstrap is one of the best CSS frameworks to build an attractive & responsive website. It has pre-designed components, form, table, utilities, grid etc. Using the pre-made elements and grid quickly and efficiently, create the web page structure. It’s the fastest way to build a website using bootstrap, and the new version of bootstrap 5 comes with unique features. Drop the jQuery support. It’s mean faster. No longer need to add jQuery CDN. Add sass support, customise your component according to your design. So I highly advise you must learn two to three CSS frameworks.


We see various tools & framework, and programming language that helps to design an attractive website. Suppose you will consistently learn and do practice when the door is not far. Then, trust me, you will be one of the successful freelancers or get a job in your dream company.

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