How to Choose Right Topic For Blogging? Find Trending Niche

How to Choose Right Topic For Blogging? Find Trending Niche
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Blogging # 1

How to Choose Right Topic For Blogging? Find Trending Niche

Friends, I saw many people want to create a blog moreover personal or business website. But they cannot do this. They don’t know about the best procedure to make a unique and user-friendly website. So I make detailed articles in the Blogging series about the website creating the process to monetization (online earning from the blog).

  Why do you want to make a blog? ?

If you want to make a blog for only earning purpose. You didn’t get the success because your motive is only earning that’s why you cannot satisfy your blog visitors. You could not provide the unique quality for your visitors. If you want to make money online from the blog you must accept blogging as a passionate blogger then you get the earning online. The passion of blogging and plenty of experiences for a specific field until making it the successful blogger.  After the approaching, the tones of traffic and blog popularity receives extremely bundle of proposals from the sponsors and the invitation from the ads agency companies.

  How can do this all ???

Blogging is easy. Just sit in front of a laptop, open up a vein and bleed it drop by drop
[ Patience + Smart Work ] = Sucess

How to Choose The Right Topic For Blogging??

  • Such a topic on which you can talk hours comfortably.
  • The content that you read regularly and interested to explore it.
  • Make sure you have a personal interest in it. You are not getting bored if you are working a lot of hours on it.
  • For beginners, also recommend pick the paper-pencil and write down the topics that you have to interest on these. For Ex: Lifestyle, Health, Technology, Photography, Travel blogger and much more. Now try to write  25+ post ideas about every topic. In the end, you will write more such topic and like it most. Select the topic.
  Before start blogging, the first task is to search on your topic.
  • How much weightage of your topic online?
  • Find the trending niche of your content?
  • How many peoples are interested or daily searches on this topic?
  • Check the competition | How many blogs in this field to provide the same content?

Get the answer to these questions from the various tools.
There are many ways to check the answer to those questions but I personally suggest the google tools. It is totally free and provides authentic information.

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Planner (Google)

Google Trends?

It is powered by Google. The website analyzes the top search queries on the google search engine. By the filtering, you can check the keyword or queries on a specific country or a category. Google trends provide the opportunity to compare both queries. The graphs show the volume of search results. You can check the daily search trends and real-time search trends. These can help to know the interest of peoples by the region. You easily find the trending niche of every topic. Like search the Andriod Games It shows the related queries and the related topic that tell about the which trending queries and topic search on Andriod Games.

How can find the niche topic

You can see the image above, related queries and the related topic that tell us nowadays fortnite game and epic games company peoples are searching on it. So if you are working on android games topic you make the posts on fortnite games. The results give the trending niche of your content topic. You can get the powerful benefits for your website.

Google Keyword Planner ?

Google Keyword Planner  is used to find the keyword for the ads campaign. You can use it to check the keyword competition and CPC for the website. It recommends the related keyword ideas. You can easily check the Avg. monthly searches of the keyword. You can analyze the Competition, CPC, Monthly searches of your topic which tells you to work on it or not. The results of competition CPC etc will get according to the selection of location and language.How can find the niche topic

Many Other Tools Helps For Analyzations: I donot believe in it.

  I hope you will like it. Don’t forget to share your opinions. Which thing you most like. Thanks


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