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ShortCut keys are used to easily excess or process the task in a short way.
For Examples: You want to shut down or lock the PC/Laptop. By Mouse go to the start menu and chose to the Lock option to lock the PC but if you lock the PC by the Keyboard you just tap the Window+ L your PC/Laptop instantly Lock. Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Shutdowns.

  • Press Windows key + X, Press U, then U again to turn off.
  • Press Windows key + X, Press U, then R to restart.
  • Press Windows key + X, Press U, then H to hibernate.
  • Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then S to sleep.

Its take less time and easily perform the task.

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So Today’s I am sharing with you the basic keyboard shortcuts keys of the window.

Windows Logo Key Shortcuts for Windows 10

Win + R                      Open the Run menu.
Win + A                      Open Action center.
Win + B                      Select the Notification area.
Win + D                      Switch the Desktop hide and display.
Win + Alt + D       Switch the Date – Time on the desktop.
Win + E                      Open the File Explorer.
Win + F                      Open the Feedback and take a screenshot.
Win + G                      Open Game bar when open the game.
Win + H                      Start dictation.
Win + I                      Open Setting.
Win + K                      Open the Connect quick action.
Win + L                      Lock your PC or switch accounts.
Win + M                      Minimize all windows.
Win + P                      Chose a presentation mode.
Win + Ctrl + Q    Open Quick Assist.
Win + S                      Open the search
Win + Shift + S  Take a screenshot of part of your screen.
Win + . or ;          Open emoji panel.
Win + number          Open the desktop and start the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
Win +⏫Up                 Maximize the window.
Win + ⏬Down         Remove current app from the screen or minimize the desktop window.
Win + ⏪Left         Maximize the app or desktop window to the left side of the screen.
Win +⏩ Right      Maximize the app or desktop window to the right side of the screen.


Basic Window Shortcut Keys



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