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Computer shortcuts keys and Keyboard shortcuts keys is a very important topic. For a beginner it is difficult to learn the shortcuts keys. A shortcut key is a combination of two or more keys that together perform a predefined command or a custom command. A keyboard shortcut is a keystroke combination that you can use to perform a command in your program without using the mouse.
This blog is all about the shortcut keys of computer and Keyboard shortcuts keys for Windows and Mac OS.

ShortCut keys are used to easily excess or process the task in a short way. For Examples: You want to shut down or lock the PC/Laptop. By Mouse go to the start menu and chose to the Lock option to lock the PC but shortcut key for lock is Window+ L your PC/Laptop instantly Lock.

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcut key for shutdown.

  • Press Windows key + X, Press U, then U again to turn off.
  • Press Windows key + X, Press U, then R to restart.
  • Press Windows key + X, Press U, then H to hibernate.
  • Press Windows key + X, followed by U, then S to sleep.

Its take less time and easily perform the task.


So Today’s I am sharing with you the basic keyboard shortcuts keys of the window/MacOS.

Shortcuts for Computer A-Z

On a computer with the Mac operating system (OS), the Ctrl key is replaced by the Command (Cmd) key. Here are some common keyboard shortcut keys that use the Ctrl key:

  • Ctrl + A: Select all
  • Ctrl + B: Bold text
  • Ctrl + C: Copy
  • Ctrl + D: Delete
  • Ctrl + E: Center align text
  • Ctrl + F: Find
  • Ctrl + G: Go to a specific location in the document or webpage
  • Ctrl + H: Replace text
  • Ctrl + I: Italicize text
  • Ctrl + J: Justify text
  • Ctrl + K: Insert a hyperlink
  • Ctrl + L: Left align text
  • Ctrl + M: Indent the selected text
  • Ctrl + N: Create a new document or webpage
  • Ctrl + O: Open an existing document or webpage
  • Ctrl + P: Print the current document or webpage
  • Ctrl + Q: Quit the current program
  • Ctrl + R: Refresh the current webpage
  • Ctrl + S: Save the current document or webpage
  • Ctrl + T: Open the “Tools” menu
  • Ctrl + U: Underline text
  • Ctrl + V: Paste
  • Ctrl + W: Close the current window
  • Ctrl + X: Cut
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo
  • Alt + F: Open the “File” menu
  • Alt + E: Open the “Edit” menu
  • Alt + V: Open the “View” menu
  • Alt + I: Open the “Insert” menu
  • Alt + O: Open the “Format” menu
  • Alt + T: Open the “Tools” menu
  • Alt + H: Open the “Help” menu

Windows Logo Key Shortcuts for Windows 11

Win + R                      Open the Run menu.
Win + A                      Open Action center.
Win + B                      Select the Notification area.
Win + D                      Switch the Desktop hide and display.
Win + Alt + D       Switch the Date – Time on the desktop.
Win + E                      Open the File Explorer.
Win + F                      Open the Feedback and take a screenshot.
Win + G                      Open Game bar when open the game.
Win + H                      Start dictation.
Win + I                      Open Setting.
Win + K                      Open the Connect quick action.
Win + L                      Lock your PC or switch accounts.
Win + M                      Minimize all windows.
Win + P                      Chose a presentation mode.
Win + Ctrl + Q    Open Quick Assist.
Win + S                      Open the search
Win + Shift + S  Take a screenshot of part of your screen.
Win + . or ;          Open emoji panel.
Win + number          Open the desktop and start the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number.
Win +⏫Up                 Maximize the window.
Win + ⏬Down         Remove current app from the screen or minimize the desktop window.
Win + ⏪Left         Maximize the app or desktop window to the left side of the screen.
Win +⏩ Right      Maximize the app or desktop window to the right side of the screen.


 What are some of the most not used shortcut keys?

  • Alt + F4: Close the current program or window
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del: Open the Windows Task Manager
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open the Windows Task Manager
  • Alt + Tab: Switch between open programs or windows
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: Open the previous tab in a web browser
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Open a new private browsing window in a web browser

What are the shortcuts for math symbols?

  • Ctrl + +: Insert a plus sign (+)
  • Ctrl + -: Insert a minus sign (-)
  • Ctrl + =: Insert an equals sign (=)
  • Ctrl + /: Insert a division sign (÷)
  • Ctrl + *: Insert a multiplication sign (×)
  • Ctrl + ^: Insert a caret (^)
  • Ctrl + : Insert an underscore ()
  • Ctrl + (): Insert a left parenthesis ((
  • Ctrl + ): Insert a right parenthesis ))
  • Ctrl + [: Insert a left square bracket ([)
  • Ctrl + ]: Insert a right square bracket (])
  • Ctrl + : Insert a backslash ()

These keyboard shortcut keys may work in some programs, but they may not work in others. You can usually find a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for inserting mathematical symbols by looking in the program’s “Help” menu or by searching for it online.


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How to shut down laptop with keyboard ?

There are a few ways to shut down your laptop with the keyboard. One way is to press the “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del” keys at the same time. This will bring up the Task Manager, and from there you can click on “Shut Down.” Another way is to press the “Windows” key + “R” to open the Run dialog box. Type “shutdown -s -t 0” into the box and hit “Enter.” This will immediately shut down your laptop.

Basic Window Shortcut Keys


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