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When we look to begin the journey of a front-end developer, after learning the HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript. We need to know about some frameworks/libraries or tools that the companies and the business demand while we are looking for a job. That’s why as a frontend developer, we should know the basic knowledge of UI designing applications and also UX. So that we can create a user-friendly and attractive user-interface. Javascript performs the important function to manipulate the DOM and make the dynamic webpages. So today we are trying to arrange the best framework/libraries or tools in line. Our focus on those tools which are most in-demand.

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1- React

React is an open-source library, created by Facebook. It is used to build user interfaces and UI Components. Basically React enables the environment of complex UI and large scaling web applications, Today websites, applications moving to SAP (Single Page Application) based architecture. So It supports the SPA and manipulates the data without page refresh.

It’s the lightweight and efficient performer that makes it top on the list of javascript technologies. The big thing React interacts with the browsers DOM through the virtual DOM but most of the frameworks direct interact with browsers DOM. In results the virtual DOM more efficient and fast performance, when we are updating the large chunk files data.

ReactJS is easy and non-complex nature of the learning curve. It provides a quick and comfortable environment without any complexities. It’s architecture extremely simple and easy to understand. It allows working as view in Model-View-Controller (MVC). React also supports server-side rendering using NodeJS and its good for SEO.

Companies, they use react. Facebook, Netflix, Khan Academy, Uber and many more.

2- Vue

Vue is an open-source progressive javascript framework. It’s developed by the Google ex-employee when he was working in google creative lab. It’s one of the most used frontends frameworks. Beginners can easily get a quick start to build interactive interfaces, Vue js make the picture more clear in the web development process because it focuses on View in MVC. It a great combination of PHP-Laravel and VueJs to build a complex and intensive level application.

VueJs support the virtual DOM, it makes replica in memory when the application run. whenever the user changes the data, the vuejs perform the changes in virtual dom after that compare the virtual dom and real browser dom thus make it change in real dom. It makes the DOM manipulation of data super quickly and fastly. The data binding is one of the core features that sync the javascript array, variable with actual HTML DOM.  We can easily make a powerful and user-friendly, SPA websites. It’s also super easy to learn same as reactjs.

It used by the Adobe, Namecheap, Upwork, Apple etc.

3- AngularJS / Angular

Angularjs is a javascript based web framework but it’s an older version of angular. The new version of angular start from angular 2 and it’s a typeScript-based web framework. It’s the first release in 2016 from Google. Now it’s angular 10 come with amazing features. It’s used to build optimized, complex and enterprise SPA based application. Angular has been updating the bugs, security patches and introduces the technologies in every six months with the release of a new version of angular.

Developers can get a quick start of the app by the CLI (command line). It makes the process is fast and quick, but Its learning curve is a little bit tough compared to react, vue. Using angular we can create a progressive web app, mobile native apps with the strategies of Nativescript, Iconic, Cordova. It also has many built-in features like routes management, state management, HTTP client, dynamic animations, reactive forms but we can also add more features to make the development process more convenient and scalable by these libraries and tools.

Angular used by the Forbes, Microsoft, Google, Youtube etc

4- Svelte

Svelte is an open-source compiler, not a framework. It converts the app code into a single javascript bundle, at the production build time. Its performance is often fast because it doesn’t ship extra libraries and script for production. Svelte total reactive because it doesn’t rely on other complex state management libraries it handles itself by vanilla javascript, its name is a svelte store which works very similar to Rjxs observables. It shareable into component trees. It is also super easy to learn and create a SPA application using sapper. Sapper powered by svelte. It supports the server-side rendering, routing, SEO and much more for svelte application.

5- Jquery

jQuery is leading on number one position from the past years. It’s an open-source library, that manipulates the DOM and ajax requests. Its slogan ”The Write Less, Do More’‘. actually prove to make our hundred lines of javascript code convert into few lines of jquery with the same functionality. So I highly recommend to every beginner they start the journey in the web designing. Even companies require jquery to create dynamic and meaningful and attractive Web UI. Its has another library jqueryui, which has a collection of pre-built widgets and user interfaces.


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