Mobile SEO definition | Mobile Optimized Website techniques SEO Tuts

Mobile SEO definition | Mobile Optimized Website techniques
Mobile SEO definition | Mobile Optimized Website techniques
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Mobile Optimized Website | SEO Tuts

Mobile SEO | SEO Definition 

It is the art and science of confirming that your content is found easily on tablets and smartphones. By the middle of 2014, mobile devices had accounted for an estimated 60% of all online traffic. Mobile web traffic is expected to multiply by 2017 due to is an annual growth rate of approximately 61% (Cisco, 2014 ). Companies want their websites for the mobile device found via a search engine, which compulsory two design factors. So the mobile SEO is necessary for responsive websites.

  • Search engines can be crawled and indexed. If properly designing the technical features of the mobile site.
  • Providing content that is useful and easy accesses while people using the device.

Webmaster needs to study how people use their mobile devices and regulate satisfied accordingly. For Example, information about store location, product reviews, and promotional offers need to be easily available and optimized so that they appear in a mobile SERP. Another concern is showing rooming in which mobile shopper use barcode scanning apps as a mobile search engine for product reviews and price comparing while shopping in the store.


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